June 2006

The June Issue of DIPLOMAT magazine is out. The Magazine aims to appeal to foreign diplomats in Turkey, foreign media representatives and high-level officials of International firms.


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First Word                     (June 2005 - 8. Issue)


The Past few weeks have again been a lively time for Ankara's diplomatic community. In addition to cultural activities organized by nomerous embassies, the capital has played host to a number or interesting meetings with political dimensions. Among these, the adress given by President Viktor Yuschenko of Ukraine at the Hilton in the early days of June and the Africa Day event staged jointly bye the African embassies have made a lasting impact.


The Africa Day celebrations were organized under the aegis of Ambassador Mohammed LESSIR of Tunisia, dean of the African ambassadors to Ankara. Mr Lessir is also DİPLOMAT's guests this month. Besides voicing some of Africa's expectations, he speaks enthusiastically of the Information Summit which his country is due to host in November and comments on relations between Turkey and Tunisia.


These pages also include a conversations with two equally wel-known figures in the Turkish capital. Lebanese Ambassador Georges SIAM and his wife Golda. After approximately six years in Ankara, the count-down has begun for this much-liked couple. If, as expected, they return to their country shortly, they will leave many friendships and fond memories in their wake.


Meanwhile, DİPLOMAT interviews Mehmet DÜLGER, the Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of Turkish Grand National Assembly. Mr Dülger is a veteran politician  who stems from a very political family. He explains the workings of the Committee in the context of Turkish foreign policy, and reveals his plans for increasing its effectiveness.


Our arts pages this month acquaint the reader with Nuri ABAÇ, a bright young man of 80 who is one of the best-known names in Turkish painting. Both Abaç's recents works and the many cycles through which his artistic career has evovled are sure to be of interest.


For a travel destination, we have this month selected the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. With the holiday season upon us, thoughts of this small tourism country are quick to spring to mind. If you are looking to enjoy a great holiday without going very far, the beaches of Girne are at your disposal.


Don't miss the opportunity.


Kaya Dorsan

Publisher and editor-in-chief

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